About Marz Arts

I use different mediums as a ‘canvas’ for my art


 Marz, founder of Marz Arts, is a local North Melbourne artist who makes mixed medium artworks, homewares and custom timber furniture. 

Marz has a Bachelor of Arts-Honours, having studied visual arts, art history and art theory and undertaken training in screen and lino printing, painting and mosaics.

She is currently focused on working with timber as her base medium and “her canvas” to handcraft coasters, placemats, decorative art pieces, jewellery boards and tables. 

Marz is known for her use of experimental painting techniques to create texture and a sensory experience for her pieces, mixing rich vibrant colours, extensive layering, carving and stenciling and symbolism in her designs.

Her latest collections ‘But Some Still Dreamed of Lotus’, ‘Bamboo Blooming Fronds’ and ‘Newspaper Sunshine’ were inspired by Covid19 lockdown restrictions and the impacts on mental health. She turned to symbology of buddhism, nature and absurdism to promote positivity and new beginnings.

She described it as “after a long period of isolation I wanted to focus on nature, positivity and new beginnings. The lotus growing out of mud, the sun getting us out of bed and battling (often depression) each day… and the start of new potential through blooming fronds. Rich colours and textures. Pieces to bring some simple beauty into homes and home offices, find the hope and positive insights gained….and respond to the plantaphilia;) obsession many of us had by the range of pots.”

For more information about her work or to view her portfolio gallery visit: https://instagram@marzarts_mixology

My team is made up me, myself and I;) and my trusted assistant Tiquey.

Tiquey contemplating our next project;)